We couldn’t do this without your support

We couldn’t do this without your support

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Hi there,

We hope your start to 2021 has been going well, we know firsthand how difficult the last year has been and how it has affected everyone in various ways. Today, Mauricio and I are seeking your help one more time. We have launched an IFundWomen campaign (linked below) to help us continue operating our store. Things have been difficult, honestly more than we imagined. We have said the words “hanging by a thread” more than we had ever expected to say in a lifetime. With Mauricio losing his other business early on last year because of the pandemic, our safety net disappeared. We have done everything in our capacity to keep Happki afloat. More so, we are incredibly grateful to every single one of you who continue to support Happki along the way. You seriously have no idea how many happy dances we do when you place an order or shop in store. Packing your orders and gift wrapping those specials gifts have brought many happy tears of joy during rough days.

Our IFundWomen campaign is simple. Your contribution is rewarded as a gift card to our store. Simply put, we need the cash flow so we can catch up on invoices, rent, utilities, etc. We have exhausted all other means of help, (as we have not qualified for anything) and this is the best way we can think of creating immediate cash flow. If you cannot donate but know someone that can, please consider sharing our campaign. Thank you for taking the time to read this. We remain hopeful in seeing brighter days.



Angela & Mauricio Romy

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