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6 Neon Gel Crayons in Storage Case


6 Neon Gel Crayons in Storage Case is on backorder and will ship once it becomes available. Check out our Pre-order information above.

These crayons are different than any crayon you may have experienced. The 6 neon colors have a vibrant glow-like quality on most surfaces and can enhance any of your child's masterpieces. Great on textured surfaces like wood, watercolor paper and canvas and glides effortlessly on smooth surfaces like paper and chipboard. Crayons are easy to blend and smudge. They have a glowing effect when used with a black light. Chunky size is perfect for small hands. May stain clothing and some surfaces. Please protect your work area.

Ages: 3 and above

Contents Include: 6 Neon Gel Crayons: Bright Orange, Yellow, Pink, Purple, Blue and Green plus a Tips and Techniques Book in a sturdy storage case