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Synth Kit

Type: Educational

Synth Kit is on backorder and will ship once it becomes available. Check out our Pre-order information above.

Discover the joys of electronic music by building your very own synthesizer! Make three different synths: Dub Siren, Stutter and Atari! Play your synth and record your next big hit. Three potentiometers (simple knobs that provide variable resistance) control volume, pitch and frequency on this straightforward circuit. Experiment with electronic music or just make crazy sounds! Gain an understanding of how the various parts interact and combine to create a range of unique and wonderful noises.


What's in the box?

1: Electrolytic Capacitors

2: Ceramic Capacitors

3: Twenty Jumper Wires

4: Potentiometers

5: Speaker

6: Breadboard

7: Battery Clip

8: Three Resistors

9: Free access to our online Make platform

10: Acrylic Casing

11: Push Button

12: 556 Timer IC



Recommended age: 13+

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