Animal Upon Animal

by Haba
Type: Games

The My Very First Games series sets out to offer rules, that are easy to follow and a series of additional hints and tips. Depending on the game, the degree of difficulty increases or a number of variations are included. Thus, My Very First Games stimulate children over and over again by setting appropriate challenges for their age, fostering their early development, holding their interest for a long time ... and, above all, being a lot of fun.

Three animal stacking games for 1-4 players age 2+

In free play, children will practice role-play with the farm animals or work their motor skills by piling the animals to form one or more towers. Both die games will acquaint them with first games with rules. The co-operative game variation also fosters their team spirit and shared experiences.

Play with your child and talk about the animals, their characteristics and living spaces, thereby stimulating your child's language and auditory skills, creative skills and also the joy of playing!

Game Idea: One by one the children carefully stack animals on top of each other. Thus, depending on the game variation, they build one or two animal towers as tall as they can. If no animal falls off while stacking, the player receives a sun as a reward. Who will have collected the most suns at the end?

Animal Upon Animal includes several variations of gameplay, including a cooperative game where they work together to achieve a common goal. 

Made in Germany