Auto Repair Shop with Petrol Station

Type: Vehicles

Here, it's all about service with a smile! Aspiring young auto mechanics will definitely get their money's worth with this auto repair shop from our small foot world playworld! This auto repair shop made of FSC® 100%-certified wood and stable plastic parts comes with a car wash, a mechanic, a taxi, tools, and a car lift. And here's a special highlight: the tank nozzles are attached with a magnet and can be removed from the petrol pump - just like at a real petrol station! So let's go: park the taxi on the roof and open the gate to drive down the ramp. The mechanic will check your car on the car lift, make repairs with his screwdriver and wrenches, and as a special service, you get a free car wash. Then, off you go with a full petrol tank! Thanks to the many different ways to play with it, including together with other small foot world products, this auto shop is a real winner in the nursery!

Dimensions approx. 52 x 22 x 26 cm, filling station: approx. 9 x 3 x 7 cm
recommended minimum age 3+