Big Backpack

Type: Accessories
A cool design and plenty of space: The big children’s backpack offers more storage space than the other models and great extras: The insulated front compartment can be used to keep snacks and drinks slightly warm or cold. A small pocket with zipper on the back and another for small change on the chest strap are practical for all the things that need to be safely stowed and kept handy. The padded shoulder straps and the water-repellent material make the backpack the perfect companion for primary school children for their leisure activities. The “glow in the dark” design effect on the Spooky color option is guaranteed to be a surprise: The small ghosts glow in the dark and are automatically recharged when exposed to light.

A small clear name badge sleeve ensures that there won’t be any mix-ups. The children’s Big Backpack is also available in the various designs of LÄSSIG’s other kids’ collections.