Birthday Flags "Animals"

by Babai

Ages 3+
28 pieces

Foxes and butterflies, boys and girls, announcing this year's special day! BABAI Birthday Decorations - Flags "Animals" announces the anniversary of your young one's birth in a flurry of leaves and natural shapes. Each of the thirteen palm-sized card displays one letter and a variety of themed shapes to match with either the woodsy background or the cheerful character represented. They are attached to the cotton line with chunky wooden clothespins and are ready to hang. Create birthday banners over doors, across photo walls, or over the food table to give your home just the right festive mood.


  • Details: Includes thirteen animal- or nature-themed paper cards, each with a letter to spell out "Happy Birthday"
  • Product Dimensions:
    • Each string over 4 feet long
    • Cards measure 5.7x5.7 inches
    • Box weight: 0.33lbs
  • Material:
    • Reinforced paper cards
    • Renewably-sourced cotton line 
    • Natural wood clothes pins with metal springs
  • Package: craft box
  • Recommended Age: 3+
  • Manufacturer: BABAI
  • Made in Ukraine

These simple designs were created by mothers who want to make young ones feel special. Themes include a princess with flowers, a puppy with paw prints, a sporty young man with soccer balls and kites, a fox with mushrooms, a cat with yarn, a butterfly, and a little bird. Although designed for young ones, the patchwork critters and chalk outline patterns are appropriate for kids of any age, all the way up to 102. Whether you are celebrating at home or jazzing up a restaurant or local park structure, these cards add just the right mood. Once the party is over, simply fold up the string and tuck the two lines into the durable craft box so they are ready for next year.