Cotton Backpack Bag

by Babai
Type: Accessories

Designed for adults
1 part

If you thought your days of carrying way too many things around would be over once you finished high school, you didn't realize how much stuff you need to take with you when you have a baby. Thankfully, the BABAI Cotton Backpack Bag has your back, as well as plenty of room for your spare outfits, fresh diapers, groceries, water bottle, books, and baby toys.


  • Details: 1 cotton backpack with adjustable straps
  • Product Dimensions: 18x20 inches
  • Material: cotton
  • Package: craft box and bag
  • Recommended Age: adults
  • Manufacturer: BABAI
  • Made in Ukraine

Being a mom is a tough job, and it only gets harder when you have to go somewhere, whether it's a simple walk around the block, a trip to the grocery store, or a visit to Grandma's house. With the help of a BABAI Cotton Backpack Bag, you can grab everything you need for any kind of outing and store it all within an arm's reach. Forget about digging through those bottomless diaper bags; switch to this backpack, which has a carabiner on which you can hang your keys, a second bag for storing medication and other small items inside, and a pocket that's big enough for even the latest smartphone and your wallet. After you've packed you and your baby's personal items for the day, swing the backpack on knowing that you look stylish no matter what your outfit's like, and cradle your baby or carry his or her car seat without worrying about dropping anything.