Emperor Penguin

by Papo
Type: Figures

The Emperor Penguin is an extraordinary bird! Did you know that it could withstand temperatures below -60 ° F? The penguin is unable to fly, but an outstanding diver, whose profiled body is perfectly adapted to the swimming. He spends his spare time in the icy water in search of food and can dive to great depths (up to more than 1600 feet). The Emperor Penguin lives in colonies that can include thousands of individuals. Each year, it breeds on the pack ice and lays a single egg in May, when the male broods on the top of his feet while the female returns to the sea to feed. The transfer of the egg on the feet of the male is a very delicate moment because all contact with snow and ice would be fatal for the egg. To fight against the cold, the males gather and clash against each other, alternating their position between the center and the outside (this is called "turtle behavior").

Reference 50033
Dimensions : 1.65 in x 1.45  in x 2.99 in (length x width x height)
Weight: 2.11 oz

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