Halloween Playhouse

Type: Figures
SKU: CC1847

Halloween Playhouse is back-ordered and will ship in 2 to 4 weeks.

Halloween Playhouse includes cute baby figures dressed in a witch and ghost costume and a small Halloween house.
Halloween Playhouse features a witch-hat turret and a revolving door. Place the Hazelnut Chipmunk Baby in ghost costume behind the door for a spooky surprise when the door revolves. Sit the Hopscotch Rabbit Baby in witch costume on the broomstick resting on the moon-shaped stand to set it off on magical adventures. The house is designed for use with the Calico Critter babies and goes fabulously with our other separately-sold baby figures. It's tons of fun to play with, and makes a fantastic Halloween decoration as well!

Box includes: Witch (Hopscotch Rabbit Baby), Ghost (Hazelnut Chipmunk Baby), Mini House, Broomstick, Moon Stand
(a total of 5 pieces)

• Seasonal Product.
• Two baby figures, dressed in a witch and ghost costume.
• The Halloween Playhouse has a revolving door.
• Stimulates imaginative role-playing by children
• Suitable for ages three years and above