Lacing Toy Set

by Babai
Type: Games

Your children's imaginations are limitless, and you want to give them toys to support their creativity, such as the BABAI Wooden Lacing Toys Set in Natural Finish for 3+. You also want your kids to learn the fine motor skills they need to tie their shoes and perform other detailed tasks. Thankfully, this toy fulfills both functions since kids can build their own city using the 15 different parts and then create fun decorations using their lacing skills.


  • Details: 15 parts (1 sun, 1 moon, 2 stars, 2 clouds, 6 houses with colorful laces, 1 stand to hold the parts of the town)
  • Product Dimensions: 10.4x11x2.2 inches
  • Material: ash wood; cotton
  • Coating: high-quality sanding and transparent water-based paint
  • Package: craft box, linen bag
  • Recommended Age: 3+ years
  • Manufacturer: BABAI
  • Made in Ukraine

Instead of teaching your kids to tie their shoes when they go to kindergarten, start the process now by giving them toys such as the BABAI Wooden Lacing Toys Set in Natural Finish for 3+. As your children's fine motor skills develop, they figure out new ways to create designs with the laces and boards, and they use the different parts to design their own cities. This toy is truly one that grows with your children; at first, it serves as a decoration for your nursery, and once they are old enough to play with toys, it's safe both as a teaching tool and an imaginative aid that keeps you and your kids entertained.