Loggerhead Turtle

by Papo
Type: Figures

The Loggerhead Turtle is a great swimmer, mainly in the temperate waters of the globe. It measures about 3 feet, and weighs nearly 220 pounds. Its flattened carapace consists of a reddish carapace contrasting with its yellow breastplate. It has a long head and a horny beak very useful for grinding food (corals, crustaceans, mollusks, small fish …). Its wide legs are perfectly adapted to swimming on the high seas. The anterior ones serve for the propulsion, while the hindquarters play the role of rudder. Grouped by hundreds, loggerhead turtles migrate and travel several thousand miles to reach the nesting site. Did you know that when laying eggs, the Loggerhead Sea Turtle lays more than a hundred eggs and covers them with sand? Each female lays eggs only every two or three years.

Papo’s figurines are hand-painted and made from durable synthetic plastic. Highly detailed with a natural color-scheme that replicates the real animal, making the figure extremely realistic looking.


 3.03 x 2.74 x 0.79 inches


Recommended age: 3+

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