Loop It! Cuddly Kangaroos Beginner Craft Kit

It's easy to create two cuddly kangaroo pals with the Loop It! craft kit, designed for beginning crafters. Just line up the front and back felt panels, tuck loops through the holes, and loop it! Button on felt tail, and tuck baby into mama's pouch. The set includes a felt panel, a padded felt panel, an padded felt baby kangaroo, a felt tail to button on, and 44 stretchy loops to tuck and pull to connect the panels. Perfect for preschoolers (ages three and older), these craft kits are a fun and easy introduction to crafting. Easy-to-master crafts keep little makers engaged, build confidence and self esteem, and help boost important motor and developmental skills.

Loop-together kangaroo and baby kangaroo beginner craft kit; tuck stretchy loops through holes to connect felt panels
Includes felt and padded felt panels to make 2 adorable kangaroos (baby tucks into pocket), a felt tail to button on, and 44 stretchy loops
Perfect for preschoolers and beginning crafters -- adorable character and easy-follow illustrated instructions
Hands-on, creative crafting activity builds confidence and self-esteem, while helping to boost fine motor skills
Makes a great gift for preschoolers, ages 3 to 5, for hands-on, screen-free fun
11.5" x 12" x 2" pkg