Mozabrick Large Set

Type: Puzzles

It is fun for the whole family or with friends!

When you are ready for a new image and a new challenge, just upload a new image, receive a new assembly diagram, disassemble your mosaic art and create a new one using the same bricks and the new diagram. Create new images as often as you like, just upload a new image and have a new assembly diagram sent to your inbox.

    This set includes:

    • 14500 bricks in 5 monochrome colors - white, light gray, gray, dark gray, and black
    • 9 base plates to assemble the pixel art
    • 18 baseplate connectors
    • 1 mounting tool
    • Double-sided tape for wall mounting
    • Instruction brochure 
    • CODE for unlimited mosaic picture generation
    • Finished picture size is 30x30"

    The code can be linked to up to 5 email addresses and can be used unlimited times to regenerate your pixel art – regardless if you are using a new or already used picture.