Nanit Complete Monitoring System


Everything you need to monitor and track your baby, their sleep, and their breathing motion.

The Nanit Plus camera sees everything happening in and around the crib, with stunning clarity. And with Breathing Wear, that same camera can monitor your baby's breathing motion, simply by reading the customized patterns on the fabric.

This Bundle Pack includes:

• Nanit Plus camera and wall mount. The superpowered HD camera that tracks
sound and motion down to the pixel level.
• Exclusive Breathing Wear™ to track breathing
motion through the Nanit Plus camera. No electronics or sensors in the product, on your baby, or in the crib. One Band
and Swaddle included, size small.
• Nanit Multi-Stand: Take your Nanit to grandma’s or on
vacation. Just take it off the wall mount,
and pop it on the multi-stand.
• Nanit Insights: The hub of the whole system. Track sleep
patterns and breathing motion for one
year, with this bundle.


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