PIXIO®-1600 Design Series

by Pixio

Age: 6+
1600 magnetic PIXIO blocks
16 colors

PIXIO-1600 is the largest set in the PIXIO® DESIGN SERIES and the perfect option for building your own game storylines. With 1600 PIXIO blocks in sixteen colors, only this set unlocks the single most captivating way to use PIXIO magnetic construction sets — creating 3D compositions involving several characters. Whether it’s a day at the office, an evening on the couch, or a night on stage, PIXIO® folks’ lives make our own look pretty dull by comparison. Start by building storylines using the instructions, then bring your own even more imaginative ideas to life.

Another unique feature of PIXIO-1600 is that it’s perfect for the company. A box this size will fit right in at your hang-out with friends. Just invite them over, open up our PIXIO-1600 set, and try creating models of each other — after all, everybody wants to see themselves in the world of PIXIO®.

PIXIO is a unique construction set in which magnetic blocks are connected thanks to a well-thought-out system of magnets. One PIXIO block is a plastic cube 8 mm (0.31 in) in size and has inside 6 magnets. Blocks can be connected to each other in any sequence from different sides.

Just take the PIXIO block in your hand and place it where you want it to be - BANG! - the PIXIO block is connected.

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