Sew & Glow Kit

Type: Educational
Design and build glowing badges that light up with the touch of a button – PING! Bring your very own designs to life through the amazing power of electro thread with FREE access to Club Make for 100’s of crafting ideas.

What's In The Box?

1: Two badge templates to help with your creations

2: Four coloured felt squares to build your badges with

3: Sewing thread to attach the badges to your bag or clothes

4: Electro-thread to make your creations light up

5: A pen to help draw out your designs

6: The sew & glow battery pack to make your ideas come alive

7: Two Tech-moji templates for inspiration

8: Fifteen connectors to build your circuits with

9: Two needles to help you sew

10: An easy to access manual available on all devices

Recommended age: 8+