Take a Look Picture Book My Year

Type: Books

Take-a-look Picture Book My Year was created to encourage children aged 18 months and up in creative reading and exploring the world. 12 large, double-sided cards offer a friendly and accessible approach to concepts that are familiar to toddlers by presenting well-known objects and events happening throughout the year, in spring, summer, fall and winter.

Colorful illustrations combined with simple language and onomatopoeic words are a fun way to practice speaking and learn new words. Searching for and identifying objects indicated in the frames helps develop perception, memory and concentration. Thanks to their handy format, the books are perfect both at home and on the go. The cards are bound together on a convenient plastic ring, which makes it possible to hang them on a stroller or to use them separately.

Trains observation skills, memory and concentration
Helps practice listening and speaking skills
Develops visual acuity and attentiveness
Allows children and parents to explore the world together
A child-friendly, safe format provides exercise for little hands
Features a convenient plastic ring to hang the cards
The handy, medium-sized box with a practical handle makes it a great gift
Parents' choice silver award icon
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