Unit Bricks 100 pieces set

Age: 18m+ 
100 parts
19 shapes
Organic paints and dyes
Solid hardwood
100% earth-friendly

Building possibilities are endless with our bestselling bricks set. 100 evenly weighted, hand-carved bricks in solid natural wood, children are able to make elaborate realistic structures from castle forts to magnificent towers. 

Included is a wide range of architectural shapes with arches and buttresses, columns, and pillars providing a rich STEM environment and encouraging opportunities for open-ended play. Ideal in the home playroom and tough enough for classroom use.

  • Beautiful and built to last heirloom quality
  • Hand-carved textured wood is tactile and weighted to suit children’s developmental and cognitive needs
  • Architectural shapes promote wide exploration of weight, balance, measures, and forces, and lay a good foundation for mathematic learning
  • Develops fine, small, and gross motor skills
  • Encourages design, creativity, planning, and big thinking
  • Suited to solo or collaborative building
  • Fits with your home or school’s existing block collections
  • Natural appearance mimics real-life bricks

Each 100 piece set includes: 16 Half Units, 18 Units, 6 Half Pillars, 4 Pillars, 4 Half Columns, 2 Columns, 2 Gothic Arches, 2 Buttresses, 4 Corners, 2 Roman Arches, 4 Half Circles, 4 Quarter Circles, 2 Circle Curves, 4 Small Triangles, 4 Large Triangles, 4 Triangle Roofs, 4 Thin Quarter Units, 10 Thin Half Units, 4 Thin Units. 

  • All-natural organic paints and dyes 
  • Unit Bricks are made from solid hardwood; 100% earth-friendly 
  • Eco-friendly card box packaging
  • Standard Unit Brick measures 140x70x35mm (5.5x3x1.5 in)
  • Total weight is 12.5kg (27.5 lbs)
  • All Unit Bricks products conform to major international safety requirements for toys (ASTM, CPSIA, EN71) 
  • Designed in Hong Kong and the USA

With no additional tools required, budding engineers are ready and able to create, develop, re-work, and marvel at their creations. Start your budding builder off on the right track with our Unit Bricks sets. Realistic blocks made to last generations.