by UGears
Type: Puzzles

Calling all automobile enthusiasts! UGears is proud to deliver the Variator as part of the STEM LAB collection. This model serves as an interactive, educational tool to exhibit the inner workings of a CVT, otherwise known as continuous variable transmission. After complete assembly, the Variator allows you to comprehend one of the most essential components needed to allow motors to run smoothly. 

When used in real life, CVT utilizes a steel belt that runs between two pulleys. In order to continuously vary gear ratios, CVT simultaneously alters the diameter of the drive pulley and the driven pulley. The drive pulley is responsible for transferring torque from the engine, while the driven pulley is responsible for transferring torque to the wheels. CVT has become increasingly popular in any vehicle or machine requiring smooth transitions between multiple gears, such as cars, scooters and conveyors. 

The mechanical Variator is a working replica of a belt-driven friction cone CVT. In general, cone CVT alters the gear ratio by moving a belt up and down a conical drum. Power up the Variator by spinning the reducer, which directly rotates the drive cone pulley. The rubber band belt, which runs around both pulleys, will transfer the rotation of the drive pulley to the driven cone pulley, showcasing the simultaneous rotations of both pulleys. You can alter the gears using the transmission fork to observe how the speed varies between the drive and driven pulleys. Because of the iconic skeletal framework of the UGears Variator, you can openly observe the operation of the entire cone CVT mechanism without dirtying your hands with engine oil. 

The Variator building kit comes equipped with the following components: key, drive cone pulley, driven cone pulley, reducer, belt, pedal, body, and transmission fork. All 104 parts are made with eco-friendly, high-quality plywood precut with laser precision, allowing you to easily assemble this model without the need for glue, tools, or extra cutting. In just two hours, you will be able to discover the inner workings of the Variator. As an added bonus, this model kit comes equipped with a QR-code that gives you access to a learning guide for the Variator, along with a special AR UGears application that demonstrates how the Variator is used in real life. 

Whether or not you are a motor enthusiast, the UGears STEM LAB Variator will inspire you to learn more about the intricate mechanisms that occur under the hood of your car. The hands-on assembly allows you to unconsciously improve your fine motor skills, while the completed build stimulates your mind. With both its aesthetic and fun appeal, the mechanical Variator is a great gift or personal treat for anyone. Grab a Variator today and feel your mental gears move! 

    Model Size: 6.6 x 5.0 x 4.2 in
    Package size: 8.1 x 7.4 x 2.5 in 
    Number of parts: 104
    Level: Easy
    Assembly Time: 2 hours
    Recommended Age: 8+
    Kit weight: 1.11 lbs