Whale Balancer "Stories from the sea"

by Babai
Type: Games

Artfully crafted and ocean-themed, this wooden balancing toy helps develop fine motor skills, enliven your imagination, expand your storytelling skills, enrich your creativity, and even improve your speech. Complete with a travel linen bag, you can easily store all 17 parts and transport them anywhere.  


  • Details: 17 parts 
  • Product Dimensions: 8.27 in
  • Product  Weight: 0.94 lbs
  • Material: ash wood 
  • Coating: Water-based paint and high-quality sanding
  • Color: Pastels
  • Package: Craft box and linen bag 
  • Recommended Age: 3 to 103 years
  • Manufacturer: BABAI
  • Made in Ukraine

With this BABAI wooden board game, "Stories from the Sea," you can be the creative narrator of an ocean odyssey. Designed to be a free-form game for one player or an entire group, use the beautifully crafted pieces as building blocks, a role-playing game, or props for storytelling. As you navigate through your own story or balance all elements into a cohesive structure, you will unconsciously improve your concentration, persistence, and attention. This toy can even play a role in speech correction for adults and children when used in combination with conversational practices. This game is 100% safe for kids. Each beautiful detail is consciously crafted with natural, eco-friendly materials and coated in pastel water-based paint that is free of toxic ingredients. This balancing toy is an excellent gift for all ages. Whether it is used as an anti-stress retreat in the office or as a delightful alternative for playtime, "Stories from the Sea" is certainly fun for everyone.