Wooden Fidget Toy

by Babai

The BABAI Wooden Fidget features blocky shapes in a beautifully simple natural finish. The toy is perfect for children and adults alike looking for a small distraction for busy, active fingers or for help regaining concentration and focus. The connected, moveable pieces are joined with cotton laces in a neutral color to not take away from the natural aesthetic of the overall piece.


  • Details: Includes 1 fidget toy joined with laces
  • Product dimensions: 5.9x0.3x0.3 in
  • Materials: Fidget pieces made of ash wood, joining laces made of cotton
  • Coating: Sanded with a natural finish, no coating, paint, or varnish
  • Package: Craft box
  • Weight: 0.33lbs.
  • Recommended age: 3+ years
  • Manufacturer: BABAI
  • Made in Ukraine

Quiet both active minds and hands with the BABAI Wooden Fidget in Natural Finish. Whether you or your child have anxious or active tendencies, sometimes you just need something to keep your hands busy to calm down or focus. This all-natural, wooden fidget toy is just the thing to reach for when a healthy, stimulating outlet is needed to release excess energy and regain a sense of concentration.

Take the fidget toy wherever you go thanks to its small and compact size. Easily fitting into a purse or bag so you can grab it and go with no worries, the toy can always be kept within reach without taking up much space or weighing you down.  There are no concerns about endangering the health and safety of little ones when you pass along this toy as the quality, sanded, natural-finish fidget is made without harsh varnish, coating, or paint.