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PRETEND PLAY: Our striped friend comes in a tiny, portable size, allowing kids to bring anywhere and play with it any time! It encourages open-ended play for kids in numerous ways.
SUPPORTS DEVELOPMENT: Served as a learning tool for kids, parents can use this figure to teach kids about basic science, nutrient and colors, for example. Its adorable appearance allows kids to practice their observational skills, knowing how each animal looks like while enhancing their fine motor skills from grasping. The figure provides continuous learning to kids as parents can use it as a prop for storytelling. INTENTIONALLY-DESIGNED: Crafted with PlanWood, a form of surplus sawdust and wood pieces that passes through a thermal process, put with organic pigments, this PlanWood figure is safe for children to play with and also friendly to the environment. Suitable for children 1 year and older.
Product Dimension
2.8x8x7 cm
1.1x3.15x2.76 inch
Item Weight
0.4 kg
0.882 lbs

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