My First Riddles

Type: Puzzles 

These handy, ring-bound educational books are intended for the youngest learners. The simple picture books with bright, age-adapted illustrations contain 38 (for ages 18m+) or 53 (for ages 2+) stimulating guessing games and activities which encourage children to learn about the world.

Playing with these books is a fun way to learn new words, and train memory and perception. They allow you to discover the world with your child and awaken their curiosity and imagination. The illustrations encourage kids to engage in storytelling and ask their own questions, allowing for endless fun. Thanks to the pocket-sized, handy format, the books are easily stored for travel or on-the-go fun.

Age-adapted content awakens curiosity and imagination – great fun and educational value
Engages a child’s senses and supports language learning
Helps expand and reinforce a child’s knowledge and vocabulary
Helps parents and children learn about the world together while having fun
The pocket-size is perfect for on-the-go fun and trav