Tutti Frutti Scented Sparkling Modeling Dough - Jurassic Era

Type: Sensory

A journey to the heart of the Jurassic land. Bring the different dinosaurs to life, discover fossils etc.

  • The safe, nontoxic dough is extra-soft, pliable and rehydratable
  • Children can sculpt sweet-smelling masterpieces with this set of vibrant, scented dough.

    In this set:
    - 6 Cans of 100g Dough (Sparkling Watermelon, Sparkling Blueberry, Sparkling Grape, Sparkling Banana, Sparkling Green Apple and Sparkling Green Mint
    - Dino Pressure Molds
    - 1 plastic scissors - A plastic knife - A rolling pin - More Accessories


    Ages 3+