Quick Stitch Banner

Create your own positive affirmation banner. Includes everything you need to “quick stitch” this cute, quotable craft.

A pre-printed canvas, adhesive-backed accents and darning needle make this project fun and frustration-free.

Accessorize the banner with rhinestones, a puffy cloud, pompom raindrops and other dimensional accents.

Handcrafted by YOU, display the rainbow banner using the provided hanging yarn and rod. Finished project measures 13” h x 9” w.

Ages: 7 to 97

Contents Include: Pre-printed banner, 9˝x 13˝ (23cm x 33cm), Puffy cloud, Glitter sun sticker, Felt bird sticker, Rainbow acrylic yarn, Blue acrylic yarn, Self-adhesive, rhinestones, Pompom beads, Wooden dowel rod, Darning needle, Needle threader, Craft glue 0.2 fl oz. (6ml), Adhesive squares, Instructions